Data Sellers

A guide for selling your data on the Digital Prosumer Platform

If you're an active Internet user you will no doubt have generated a valuable set of interconnected datasets. Follow the guides on this page to find out how to become one of our data sellers and monetise your data.

A more detailed PDF user guide for Data Sellers is available: Data Seller Guide.

Step 1: Registration

You'll need to sign up for an account using the Data Seller registration link. Make sure to read our Privacy Notice, Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions before signing up. The other legal documents (Rulebooks, Database Rights and Sample Contract) will be available to you after your account is validated. You will receive an email once your account is validated.

Step 2: Data collection

You'll need to collect your data from the organisations that are holding it. As the data subject, you have the right to request any data about you and most organisations provide some type of data download facility. Download guides for the datasets currently active on the platform are available here.

Step 3: Persona Identification

So that we can package up your data ready for trading, you'll need to submit a sample of your data for analysis. You will then be assigned personas, specific user types as defined by the analysis of aggregated data across all platform users. You can then choose to accept or decline these personas. Once accepted, you will then be able to trade the associated persona asset on the platform. Visit this page for a list of all the active personas.

Step 4: Trading

Just like a financial exchange, you will need to put your data up for sale by placing offers for the associated persona assets. Buyers will also bid for persona assets. Each persona asset is tied to the associated persona and includes a package of 3 month's worth of data. You can only trade each asset once during the matching period (defined below in Step 4) and you should use the Market and Market Charts screens to view the current bid/offer prices. The platform currently trades two types of persona assets:

  • SPOT: these assets denote that the associated data needs to be delivered (uploaded to the platform) on the date of matching.
  • 3M: these assets denote that the associated data needs to be delivered (uploaded to the platform) 3 months from the matched date.

Step 5: Matching

Matching is the process in which all offers and bids are matched. Currently this is completed using two variables: price and time. Matching is run once a month on the last day of the month, so sellers and buyers have until 23:45 on the last day of the month to get their trades in. Once matching is complete, sellers and buyers with successfully matched trades will be notified by email and your contract will be available to view and download.

Step 6: Settlement

When required, you will need to upload the data on the date specified in your contract. This data is then processed so that identifying fields are removed and replaced with a randomly generated identifier and made available to the successful buyer once they have sent payment. You will then receive the amount specified in your contract. Payment is processed through the platform so you will remain anonymous to the buyer.

Full details of the legal framework and documents are available after registration.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.

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