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What is Digital Prosumer?

Data has been branded 'the new oil' because of its potential, and as yet mostly untapped, value. As digital prosumers (a contraction of producer and consumer), we create a huge amount personal data from all parts of our lives through our daily interactions with the digital world that link to our digital identity. Instead of giving it, in part in whole, away to organisations who are currently freely mining and selling your personal data, we've created a platform that allows you to take control of the monetisation of your personal data.

The trading platform has been designed so that it is transparent and facilitates a fair and open data market. The platform includes the Digital Vault (a secure data locker for prosumer data), Digital Exchange (the trading exchange) and a fully supporting legal framework, which includes data protection, privacy policy, contracts and the rulebooks.

Digital Prosumer is an EPSRC funded project (EP/L005859/1) and is led by Professor Panos Louvieris at Brunel University London. Project Team: Audrey Guinchard, David Bell, Natalie Clewley, Gareth White, Florian Gamper, Federico Colecchia.

Project Team